As Chernobyl anniversary looms, group works to improve worker and animal wellbeing
April 17, 2017

The Clean Futures Fund, co-created by Beyond Nuclear Board member, Lucas Hixson, with Erik Kambarian, is working with Ukrainian partners to improve safe working conditions and long-term care for Chernobyl workers and individuals in the affected areas. Hixson and Kambarian have made a number of visits to the area where they have participated in radiological training since 2013. These experiences led them to conclude that giving back to the community was important. The first project is taking place in the town of Slavutych.

In addition to worker support, the CFF is embarking on a spay/neuter and vaccination program for the stray dog population that surrounds the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Hundreds of stray dogs, descendants of pets abandoned during the 1986 disaster evacuation, live around the plant and within the exclusion zone. More about the dogs can be found on Twitter at #DogsofChernobyl. 

Read the CFF press release.

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