Nuclear Costs

Estimates for new reactor construction costs continue to sky-rocket. Conservative estimates range between $6 and $12 billion per reactor but Standard & Poor's predicts a continued rise. The nuclear power industry is lobbying for heavy federal subsidization including unlimited loan guarantees but the Congressional Budget Office predicts the risk of default will be well over 50 percent, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Beyond Nuclear opposes taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies for the nuclear energy industry.



Victory! Lawsuit versus nuclear bailout WILL go to trial in New York State

Good news from Jessica Azulay, AGREE program director (Azulay won the inaugural Friedman award, named in honor of Beyond Nuclear founding board member Lou Friedman, and People's Action for Clean Energy leader Judi Friedman):


'David v Goliath victory' as judge denies five of six objections to the lawsuit against New York's $7.6 billion nuclear bailout

Rules that the lawsuit will be fully heard in court.

On January 23, the lawsuit challenging New York's ratepayer subsidies to four uneconomic, aging nuclear reactors owned by Exelon Corporation cleared a major hurdle when Judge Roger D. McDonough rejected motions to dismiss that were brought by the state of New York and several nuclear energy corporations.

Read all about it!

Our sincere gratitude and congratulations to all the plaintiffs and the legal team in this important case, particularly lead plaintiff Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

Energized by this crucial win, we will continue to work for energy efficiency, affordability, and renewable energy for all energy consumers in New York. AGREE has been fighting nuclear bailouts in New York since 2015 and is involved in helping push this case forward as well as many other efforts to keep our money out of the pockets of nuclear corporations. Please donate so we can keep this work going. (As a bonus, all donations up to $4,000 will be matched by a generous anonymous donor. Every dollar you give will be doubled, and every little bit helps!)

Stay tuned for more ways to get involved as we build the momentum against nuclear bailouts in New York. And thank you for everything that you do to help our state transition to a renewable energy future!

Jessica Azulay
Program Director
Alliance for a Green Economy


Court Rejects Effort to Dismiss Lawsuit Challenging $7.6 billion Nuclear Subsidy In NYS’s Clean Energy Standard

As reported by Oswego County Today, as well as at the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater website.

Beyond Nuclear has been honored and privileged to take part, for many long months and even years, in the environmental coalition's legal challenge to the massive ratepayer-funded subsidies, shamelessly intended to bail out four dangerously old atomic reactors on the Lake Ontario shore in upstate NY (while using funds meant for "clean energy" to do so!). We hope the environmental coalition groups that have established legal standing in this court case will now prevail on the merits, for the sake of NY ratepayer pocketbooks, as well as the safety, security, health, and environment of New Yorkers, Ontarians, and beyond, over vast regions downwind and downstream.


Nuclear Watch South Statement on PSC Vote to Continue Vogtle Construction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Contact: Erin Glynn, 404-939-4701,  | Glenn Carroll, 404-378-4263,


Georgia Public Service Commissioners have recognized the outrageous expense and risk associated with completing the troubled Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at Vogtle 3 and 4. The Commission voted to limit Georgia ratepayer exposure to the project to 7.4 billion dollars, a number that Georgia Power has repeatedly stated is insufficient, and is attaching even that level of support to a hoped-for Act of Congress to pass a future tax credit extender that was excluded from the tax bill now awaiting the President’s signature. 

Additionally, the Commission opted today not to vote on the controversial Revised Joint Owners Agreement between for-profit Georgia Power and the nonprofit co-owners of Vogtle, which has been testified to as potentially criminal under Federal Anti-Trust law. Therefore, Nuclear Watch South sees today's vote as progress towards a full and final cancellation. 

“The Vogtle project is contingent upon conditions which cannot be met,” says Erin Glynn, attorney for Nuclear Watch South.

[Vogtle 3 & 4 also put $12 billion of federal taxpayer-back nuclear loan guarantees at risk. See Beyond Nuclear's Loan Guarantee website section, for more info. on this.]

After Airport Blackout, Georgia Utility Faces Key Nuclear-Plant Vote

Georgia Power CEO says nuclear vote and airport blackout are ‘separate issues’

The Atlanta airport blackout could hardly have come at a worse time for Southern Co. subsidiary Georgia Power.

Days after the outage, which authorities say appears to have been caused by a fire in a piece of Georgia Power equipment, state utility regulators on Thursday are set to decide the fate of a half-finished nuclear plant the company is building that is years behind schedule and billions over budget...[the rest of the article is behind a pay wall].


Trump's Dirty Energy Bailout: Recording & Resources

This from Allison Fisher at Public Citizen:

Hi All,

Thank you for your interest in the Climate Reality Check’s December call with Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program and Casey Roberts, Senior Lawyer, Sierra Club Environmental Law Program. (See the original conference call invite, in the Update below, for bios on the speakers and an introduction to the subject matter covered on the call.)

ICYMI - You can listen to the call here:

Resources and Actions:

For background on the DOE’s bailout proposal, check out David Roberts at Vox:

For more on the RTO’s bailout proposal, check out this blog by Tyson Slocum:

Who will be affected by the Bailout?

RTO map:  DOE's proposal would apply to PJM, ISO-NE, and NYISO.  The PJM proposal put forward in response to the FERC process would apply only in PJM

What can states do? Get your state consumer advocate to weigh in on the proposals before FERC:


What can individuals do? Sign these comments to FERC opposing the bailout:

[What else can individuals do?  Sign NIRS's comments to FERC opposing the bailout:]


Let me know if you...want to get involved in efforts to stop the



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