Beyond Nuclear has created the following pamphlets to inform the public, lawmakers and media about nuclear power and nuclear weapons issues. Please feel free to reproduce and distribute with attribution. You may also request hardcopies from Beyond Nuclear and we will send them to you through regular mail.

The Myth of Nuclear Deterrence

Deterrence remains the cornerstone of nuclear weapons policy and the on-going justification for the maintenance and even expansion of nuclear weapons stockpiles. In order to advance the nuclear weapons abolition agenda it is essential, therefore, to expose and debunk the myths surrounding nuclear deterrence, a policy that is contradictory, unworkable and impracticable. We have developed a new pamphlet, The Myth of Deterrence, to counter the false premises advanced to keep deterrence -- and thereby nuclear weapons -- in place.






Framing the Anti-Nuclear Message Using Welsh Values: A handbook for activists. March 2007.

In March 2017, Beyond Nuclear conducted two workshops at the Green Nuclear-Free Wales conference for activists in Aberystwyth. The workshops were titled “Framing the anti-nuclear message using Welsh values.” We ran through some exercises together to reframe our messages using terms and imagery that we felt would resonate with the audiences we need to convince to oppose new nuclear build in Wales. We also identified messengers we thought would be most trusted by our target audiences. Finally, we discussed communication tools. This handbook was produced to reflect that work, to serve as a guide and to provide exercises for messaging and framing as the campaigns continue. Please feel free to download, print and distribute copies.


Routine Radioactive Releases from U.S. Nuclear Power Plants.  An update to our comprehensive list and map of all operating U.S. reactors and where they release radioactivity into the air and water. Every nuclear power reactor dumps radioactive water, scatters radioactive particles, and disperses radioactive gases as part of its routine, everyday operation.  It doesn't take an accident.  Federal regulations permit these radioactive releases.  Any exposure to radiation increases the risk of damage to tissues, cells, DNA, and other vital molecules, potentially causing genetic mutations, cancers, leukemias, birth defects, and reproductive, cardiovascular, endocribe, and immune system disorders.

The pamphlet lists all reactors operating at the October 2015 press time.  For an up to date track of reactors as they close, please visit our Reactors Are Closing page.

The Safety of St. Louis drinking water depends on you.

A Palm Card directed at elected officials to protect St. Louis drinking water from the radioactive wastes buried at the West Lake Landfill in the floodplain of the Missouri River. January 2017.








Risks to Women and Children from U.S. Nuclear Power Plants.

Click the headline to read and download/print our handy palm card detailing the risks to the most vulnerable -- pregnant women and young children -- from the routine operations of, and radioactive releases from, nuclear power plants. Please feel free to use this palm card as a handout.

Corrected Palm Card. Click this link to upload. 






Nuclear Power and Children. A definitive look at the vulnerability of children's health to radiation exposure from nuclear power  reactors.












Updated! Routine Radioactive Releases from U.S. Nuclear Power Plants. Many people do not realize that every nuclear power reactor dumps radioactive water, scatters radioactive particles, and disperses radioactive gases as part of its routine, everyday operation. It doesn't take an accident. Federal regulations permit these radioactive releases. 





Uranium Mining and Human Rights A pamphlet describing the human rights impacts on those communities on whose land uranium mines have been imposed - largely consisting worldwide of indigenous peoples. Revised and updated July 2013.









Freeze our Fukushimas! Join the campaign to shut down US reactors beginning with the most dangerous - the GE Mark I and Mark II boiling water reactors - the same design we saw explode at Fukishima Daiichi, Japan. The pamphlet lists the US Mark I and Mark II reactors, details the troubled history of the reactor and the life-threatening flaws in these designs.










An Introduction to Beyond Nuclear. This is our introductory pamphlet featuring our mission and goals and an overview of our work. The inside now incorporates the former Ten Reasons palm card which has been updated and revised. This lists 10 of the most serious nuclear power risks and 10 of the brighter energy alternatives.









The Lethal Legacy of the Atomic Age, 1942 - 2012 - infinity. A Mountain of Waste 70 Years High. This pamphlet covers every aspect of the radioactive waste problem since scientists created the world’s first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction at the Fermi reactor in Chicago on December 2, 1942. On that day, the Atomic Age was born — and so was radioactive waste. Pamphlets can be downloaded here or ordered from Beyond Nuclear.







Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive: The Verdict is in on Nuclear Power

Ralph Nader says "Just recently, a well-desinged and documented pamphlet by Beyond Nuclear summarizes the case against nuclear power as 'Expensive, Dangerous and Dirty.' The clear, precise detail and documentation makes for expeditious education of your friends, neighbors and co-workers." 







Atomic Energy and Global Security looks at the inextricable link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Published in 2008.








The Extreme Costs of Nuclear Power

Historically, reactors have received more subsidies than sustainable energy and in order to build more, the industry will need further money from taxpayers. This costs pamphlet summarizes this need and how we can stop our money from continuing down this nuclear power black hole.








Nuclear Power in France: Setting the Record Straight

France's nuclear power industry is often touted as the nuclear program to emulate. This pamphlet reveals the problems plaguing the industry in France including radioactive waste problems and predatory uranium mining.










Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing equals Weapons Proliferation

"During my eight years in the White House, every nuclear weapons issue we dealt with was connected to a nuclear reactor program." Al Gore. This pamphlet reviews the dangers of nuclear fuel reprocessing including the health dangers, waste issues and the inevitable link to nuclear weapons. To print pamphlet, choose letter or legal size.


Radiological Testing at Nuclear Sites: A Beyond Nuclear Handbook.(Version to print at press).

A guide to collecting water samples for radiological testing. This handbook and accompanying Chain of Custody form are to be used in conjunction with Beyond Nuclear and its on-going samplling program.






Beyond Nuclear

A booklet detailing who we are and what our mission is.






In Focus: The Feature Stories of Beyond Nuclear

This booklet highlights the program areas which were the center of Beyond Nuclear's work at its inception. This piece is no longer in print and some of the areas of focus have since shifted to new projects.