Freeze Our Fukushimas

"Freeze Our Fukushimas" is a national campaign created by Beyond Nuclear to permanently suspend the operations of the most dangerous class of reactors operating in the United States today; the 23 General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Reactors, the same flawed design as those that melted down at Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan.




March Against Nuclear Madness!

March 2012 is “March Against Nuclear Madness” and Beyond Nuclear has created a new March Against Nuclear Madness Facebook page. We will be helping to coordinate, organize and promote events around the country throughout the month of March to commemorate the March 11, 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe in Japan. We encourage you to post your events and ideas on this page.

We are inspired by the opposition to nuclear power in Japan where today only four of the country’s 54 nuclear power plants are still operating. As nuclear power plants there shut down for routine refueling, local government and citizen opposition are refusing to allow them to restart.

We are further inspired by the principled democratic action being taken in Vermont. Here in the United States, the nuclear industry and the federal government look to pre-empt a state’s right to self determination for an energy future in the public good. In Vermont, where the Fukushima-style Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant should have closed by a state legislative vote when its operating license expires on March 21, 2012, a lower court federal judge has ruled that Entergy can extend its nuclear madness by another 20 years – for now.

We invite you to take action in solidarity with the State and the people of Vermont and participate – in person – in any of their events listed below (additional events will be added soon). Or consider hosting your own event to oppose nuclear power as part of the call for a March Against Nuclear Madness.

In the coming weeks, Beyond Nuclear will be promoting and posting other events around the country at March Against Nuclear Madness, a part of the Beyond Nuclear nationwide Freeze our Fukushimas campaign to close down the country’s dangerous GE Mark I Boiling Water Reactors and phase out of nuclear power.

The Vermont Actions

March 11: Fukushima mock evacuation march. Contact: Safe & Green.

March 21. Vermont Yankee retirement party at the statehouse in Montpelier. Contact: Chris Williams with the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance.

March 22. Non-violent civil disobedience and direct action at the Vermont Yankee reactor site by affinity groups. CORRECTION: THE MARCH 22 DATE FOR NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION IS FIRM. HOWEVER, THE SPECIFIC LOCATION(S) OF THE ACTION(S) BY AFFINITY GROUPS HAVE NOT YET BEEN FINALIZED. Contact: The Sage Alliance. 


New Beyond Nuclear fact sheet on Mark I fuel pool risks


Judge rules Vermont Yankee Mark I can stay open. Citizens will feel differently

The decision on January 19 by federal judge Garvan Murtha, ruled that the state of Vermont cannot order the closure of its reactor, Vermont Yankee, on March 21, 2012 when its current license expires. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission had already re-licensed the plant for another 20 years (doing so 10 days after the inception of the Fukushima-Daiichi reactor meltdowns that are the same design as Vermont Yankee.) Murtha said federal law pre-empts the state's ability to determine the licensing of a nuclear power plant because the reasoning was "radiological safety" concerns which the judge said the state is not authorized to regulate. The decision effectively deprives the state of the ability to protect its own citizens even though the regulator, NRC, clearly did not have the safety of Vermonters in mind when extending the plant's operating license. The decision is all the more alarming given the numerous safety problems at the plant and the deception by its owners, Entergy, who denied the existence of buried pipes that had in fact leaked tritium.

Watch this page for strategic developments from the Vermont coalition which opposes the continued operation of the reactor.


Run our ad!

Our Freeze our Fukushimas! campaign is off to a flying start! More than 8,000 of you  signed on as co-petitioners to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to suspend the operating licenses of our own Fukushimas - the GE Mark I boiling water reactors operating on US soil. We don't want to spend your generous contributions on advertising fees but we still need to get the word out. Won't you please download our new Freeze our Fukushimas! advertisement here; place it in your newsletters; send it to your email lists; submit it to friendly publications; and put it on your websites and Facebook pages. If you need a JPG, please download that here. Or use the PDF version. Many thanks!


NRC accepts several key requested actions in public petition

A December 13, 2011 decision by a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) safety panel that accepts several key publicly requested actions regarding safety at US General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Reactors, was publicly noticed  in the Federal Register dated January 3, 2012.

On April 13, 2011, one month after the Fukushima nuclear disaster began, Beyond Nuclear – later joined by 8,000 co-petitioners – formally submitted emergency action requests to an NRC safety review panel regarding safety concerns at the 23 US operating Fukushima-style reactors. The petition also included the permanently closed – but nuclear waste laden – Millstone nuclear power plant in Connecticut.

The NRC’s chief safety officer, Eric Leeds, agreed that the NRC will now review  several key publicly requested actions including revoking federal approval of the current failed GE Mark I containment venting system; and ordering all Mark I operators to install backup emergency power systems to ensure cooling in the reactors’ densely packed rooftop irradiated fuel pools.